Spring Quarterly Championships

Spring Quarterly Championships

The first Quarterly Championship is now complete, with Miol29 and Notarg taking down the Winter trophies for Throne and Expedition, and qualifying for the 2020 Eternal® World Championship!

There may still be snowballs in the air, but we’re looking ahead to a time when the mandrakes are blooming and the humbugs are humbuzzing…and the Spring Championships punch two more tickets to Worlds for Eternal‘s top players!

Like the previous Winter Quarterly Championship, entry to the Spring Championships is by invitation-only…but we’ve heard a lot of great feedback from players and there are some changes to streamline things this time around. Here’s how it all works, and how you can qualify:

2020 Spring Championships

The Spring Championships are two invitation-only tournaments, one Throne and one Expedition, that will be played in May 2020. Unlike the Winter Championship (which had two separate qualification tracks for the two different formats), the Spring Championships will use a combined pool of Quarterly Championship Points (QCP).

You’ll still need 25 QCP to enter, but this change means that QCP earned playing either Throne or Expedition will all count together, and are not tracked separately. Additionally, once you have accrued 25 total QCP, you are eligible to enter the Spring Championships, so you can play in either event – or both! – once you’re qualified.

The goal with these changes is to reduce the need to “min/max” QCP earning, while continuing to recognize ongoing success and achievement in competitive play. Here are the details:

  • The Expedition Spring Championship will be played May 8-10th.
  • The Throne Spring Championship will be played May 15-17th.
  • To enter either Spring Championship, you must have accumulated 25 Spring Quarterly Championship Points (QCP) before May 1, 2020.
  • Players who have 75 Spring QCP will begin each tournament with 3 wins (out of twenty games), giving them a leg up on reaching the Finals!

While players can no longer receive a bye straight to the Finals, those three free wins can get you off to a fast start!

Monthly Leaderboards

As before, the final standings of monthly Chapter Leaderboards in both Throne and Expedition award Spring QCP to Master-rank players as follows:

  • The qualification period for the Spring Championship runs until May 1.
    • January, February, March and April Leaderboard standings will award Spring QCP.
  • Leaderboard standings for each format award Spring QCP to Master-rank players as follows:
    • 1st — 40 Spring QCP
    • 2nd-20th — 15 Spring QCP
    • 21st-100th — 10 Spring QCP
    • 101+ Master — 5 Spring QCP

The qualification period was originally intended to run from February through April; we decided to extend the window to include January standings to recognize the achievements of players this month and to keep the value of Leaderboard finishes consistent.

Spring Challenge Events

One of the clearest pieces of feedback we saw from the Winter Season was that players felt too much pressure to grind QCP-granting events every week. While we do want to give players the chance to qualify for the Spring Championship outside of the Leaderboards alone, our hope is that these events are an opportunity to sharpen your competitive skills, and not an obligation if you want to play in the Championship at the end of the season.

To that end, we’re eliminating the recurring weekly Throne Duels and Expedition Melee events, and replacing them with two special Spring Challenges. These events have a similar structure to our ECQs with QCP rewards and other in-game prizes. Here’s how they work:

  • Two Spring Challenge events will award QCP.
    • The Expedition format Spring Challenge will take place March 6-8th.
    • The Throne format Spring Challenge will take place April 10-12th.
  •  Spring Challenges are open to all players, and will consist of two stages that weekend:
    • On Friday and Saturday, players can play their 28 qualifying matches.
    • On Sunday, the top 64 players face off in a single-elimination bracket.
  • Each Spring Challenge rewards QCP as follows:
    • 5 QCP to players with 15+ wins who did not reach the Top 64.
    • The Finals stage awards QCP to players based upon their finish on Sunday.
    • 1st-4th — 75 Spring QCP
    • 5th-16th — 25 Spring QCP
    • 17th-64th — 15 Spring QCP

The road to the 2020 Eternal World Championship continues this Spring! How will you earn your seat at the table with the game’s best?