Summer Quarterly Championships

Summer Quarterly Championships

The Spring Quarterly Championships have been won, with Sunyveil taking the top spot in the Spring Throne Championships, and nico_aba claiming first in Expedition. With their wins, both players claim their spot in the 2020 Eternal® World Championship!

As the competition heats up, so too does the weather. We are looking next to the Summer Quarterly Championships, and two more tickets to Worlds for Eternal’s top players! Like the Spring Championships, entry into the Summer Quarterly Championships will be invitation only. And similar to the Spring series, here’s how you can qualify:

2020 Summer Championships

The Summer Championships are two invitation-only tournaments, one Throne and one Expedition, that will be played in September. Like the Spring, you qualify for both of these tournaments by having at least 25 Summer QCP.

  • To enter either (or both!) of these Events, you must have accumulated 25 Summer Quarterly Championship Points (QCP) before September 1st, 2020.
  • Players who have 75 Summer QCP will begin each tournament with 3 wins (out of twenty games), giving them a leg up on reaching the finals!

Monthly Leaderboards

As before, the final standings of monthly Chapter Leaderboards in both Throne and Expedition award QCP to Master-rank players as follows:

  • The qualification period for the Summer Championship runs until September 1st.
    • May, June, July and August Leaderboard standings all award Sumer QCP.
  • Leaderboard standings for each format award Summer QCP to Master-rank players as follows:
    • 1st – 40 Summer QCP
    • 2nd-20th – 15 Summer QCP
    • 21st-100th – 10 Summer QCP
    • 101+ Master – 5 Summer QCP

Summer Challenge Events

Both Summer Challenge Events award Summer QCP.

  • The Expedition format Summer Challenge will take place July 31 – August 2nd.
  • The Throne format Summer Challenge will take place August 7 – 9th.

The Summer Challenges are open to all players, and will consist of two stages that weekend:

  • On Friday and Saturday, players can play their 28 qualifying matches.
  • On Sunday, the top 64 players face off in a single-elimination bracket.

Each Summer Challenge rewards QCP as follows:

  • 5 QCP to players with 15+ wins who did not reach the Top 64.
  • Player who reach The Finals receive QCP based upon their finish on Sunday:
  • 1st-4th — 75 Summer QCP
  • 5th-16th — 25 Summer QCP
  • 17th-64th — 15 Summer QCP

The road to the 2020 Eternal World Championship continues into the Summer! And with Argent Depths about to shake up the game, how will you prepare?