The 2019 ECQ Showdown

The 2019 ECQ Showdown

The road to the 2019 Eternal World Championship nears its end with The ECQ Showdown. Thousands of players have competed to earn a spot at the $100,000 Eternal Worlds Championship, and now a single seat remains. It all comes down to this.

  • The ECQ Showdown is open to the 32 players with the most ECQ Points, earned by making the Finals of previous ECQs.
    • For players with 6 ECQ points, their highest seed in an ECQ Finals was used as tiebreaker for entry into The Showdown.
      • ECQ Points were awarded based on Finals performance. Highest ECQ Seed was used as the tiebreaker for players with the same Points total because it takes a larger sample of games into account.
    • Players on Steam, iOS, or Android phones or tablets can participate in The Showdown. (Xbox One players are not yet eligible to participate in tournaments.)

Qualified Players

ECQ Points Player
18 camat0
15 Grgapm
13 gozuuu
13 Nrausch1
13 zdch
11 theovermaster
11 jez2718
10 Lysxx
10 Sirtroymoon
10 Sunyveil
10 NotoriousGHP
10 darkrevenger
9 Coopergfrye
9 JuliusNovachrono
8 isomorphic
8 Tobboo
8 Ander1345
8 Stormblessed
8 chriseay
8 Hashtag
7 Ikarus
7 Paradox
7 JockeD
7 Canepis
7 Stooglefish
6 Thalian
6 mcosta
6 joshuaknox
6 _Kubi_
6 ddddd
6 TheBergund


  • All players must submit their Showdown decklist before the event. Qualified players can do so starting on Tuesday, May 28.
  • Decklists will not be accepted after Thursday, May 30th at 4pm MDT (22:00 UTC)
    • Players should build their deck in-game, test it out, and once they are happy with it, export the decklist and send it to
  • Decklists and login information for event accounts will be distributed to all players on Friday, May 31.

If there are any questions about the process, please reach out to

  • The 2019 ECQ Showdown starts on Sunday, June 2 at 11am MDT (17:00 UTC).
    • The Showdown is free to enter.
    • Qualifying players must be online and ready to play when the Finals begins.
      • Players will log into a provided account that will have their submitted deck.
    • You will receive an in-game prompt to join your first game when the Finals begins.
    • There will be a short delay between the last active game in a round and the start of the next round.
  • The Showdown is a single-elimination, best-of-3 games bracket, played with a single constructed deck.
  • The winner of the Finals earns a spot in the Worlds championship!

  • Prizes will be received upon conclusion of the Event.
  • All players will receive one premium copy of Kaleb's Persuader; all packs are Dark Frontier.
Finish Prizes
1     World Championship invitation, 10 Packs, 1 Diamond Chest
2    8 Packs, 1 Gold Chest
3-4    8 Packs, 1 Silver Chest
5-8    6 Packs, 1 Silver Chest
9-16   6 Packs, 1 Bronze Chest
17-32   4 Packs, 1 Bronze Chest

Join us for broadcast coverage of the Finals on Sunday, June 2 at 11 am MDT (17:00 UTC), live on Twitch !

Showdown Twitch Drops will be enabled exclusively on the DWD channel during the broadcast — so if you’re not playing in The ECQ Showdown, make sure to tune in to claim your share of the loot!


The Eternal software and all prizes are awarded “AS IS” and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) and all such warranties are hereby disclaimed.  ALL FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH ANY PRIZE ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER.