The Community Store Launches Today!

The Community Store Launches Today!

Starting today, the Eternal Community Store will be live on PC and Macs!

A rotating variety of products will be available in the Community Store over the coming months. Here’s a look at the first Community-Store-exclusive items that will be available, including two Emote Bundles and an awesome new Premium Card Back!

Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:

Xenan Obelisk Card Back

The Xenan Obelisk Card Back is exclusively available in the Community Store for 40,000 Influence!

Since the earliest days of Eternal, the threat posed by the Xenan Obelisk has instilled terror in the hearts of opponents. At any moment, an innocuous swarm of Humbugs might suddenly swell to an unstoppable wave of winged fury if an Obelisk hits play. And Yeti…don’t even get us started on Yeti…

Now you can capture that feeling in every game, harnessing the power of the Xenan Obelisk in a slick new premium card back!

You think anybody wants an A-Space to the face while you’re rocking one of these bad boys? Forget about it.

Furious & Curious Emote Bundles

Tell your opponent exactly what you’re thinking with two exclusive Emote Bundles available in the Community Store for 10,000 Influence each!

Furious Emotes:

  • Let us determine who is most fierce.
  • Your might is admirable.
  • You rage like a soft breeze.
  • I salute your frenzy.
  • Your vehemence is my bane.
  • Well, there you go!

Curious emotes:

  • What shall we learn this day?
  • I learn from your actions.
  • I offer you tribute.
  • Compliments.
  • I’ll teach you!
  • Will you ever learn?

Emote Bundles are added to your available emotes and can be mixed, matched, and configured normally.

* Non-artist’s rendering. Actual t-shirts may be marginally more real.

Streamer Merch!

Finally, as dedicated Eternal streamers rack up viewers and earn Influence, they’ll also be gaining Streamer Ranks that are displayed both in the Community Store and on the playmat during games.

As streamers rank up, you’ll periodically qualify for special exclusive Streamer Merch like t-shirts, posters, pins, and other fun stuff. Streamer Merch isn’t purchasable or part of the Community Store – it’s just a thank you from the dev team for your ongoing support of Eternal. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • Silver: Eternal T-shirt!
  • Gold: Eternal Hoodie!
  • Diamond: Eternal Messenger Bag & Collectible Pin Set!

And we’re excited to congratulate the two Eternal streamers to have already reached Diamond rank at release of the Community Store: y0ttabyte and JonahVeil! More streamers will be climbing the ranks in the months to come, so be sure to keep an eye out for your favorites going live on Twitch!

Drops Campaign Details

In the Community Store, streamers can purchase special 3-hour Twitch Drops campaigns that are exclusive to their channel, helping streamers grow their audiences and engage their fans.

Each month, a streamer can purchase up to ten Drops Campaigns, as follows:

  • Diamond Drops Campaign – 90,000 Influence (up to one per month)
  • Gold Drops Campaigns – 50,000 Influence (up to two per month)
  • Silver Drops Campaigns – 25,000 Influence (up to three per month)
  • Bronze Drops Campaigns – 10,000 Influence (up to four per month)

Twitch viewers can receive up to 4 total drops per day from Silver – Diamond campaigns, and up to 2 drops per day from Bronze campaigns.

Individual Drops include cards, premium cards, Draft Tickets, and Packs, with higher-tier Campaigns containing better Drops.

There will be more to come as the Community Store evolves over time. So, streamers: get to streaming! Players: keep supporting the great and growing community of Eternal streamers…and grab some free stuff while you’re at it!

We’ll see you in the game…and on Twitch!

– The DWD Team