The Flame of Xulta: Invoke

The Flame of Xulta: Invoke

On Xulta, working and living in harmony with one’s principles is empowering. Pure, undiluted conviction can elevate one’s skills and abilities.

The Listeners are revered elders who guide society according to the teachings of the Ancestors. In times of need, their deep wells of faith can manifest into something more… concrete.

Invoke is a new mechanic that allows you to channel the power of the Ancestors. When you Invoke a faction’s strength, you are presented with three cards from that faction: a spell, a unit, and an attachment. You then choose to draw one of these three potential blessings.

This sort of versatility gives the ardent a considerable advantage over their foes. With sufficient inner strength, finding the right tool for the job is never a problem. And of course, Makkar isn’t the only Ancestor with a devoted following. Let’s meet the other Listeners:




The Listeners and their followers are dedicated to the Ancestors. What powers will you invoke?

Make your choice, because The Flame of Xulta arrives on Monday October 7th! When it does, the Pre-Order Bundle will be leaving the Store when the set releases, so grab the Voprex, Hope’s End card back and premium avatar and the alt-art Kairos, Grand Champion before it is too late!