The Flame of Xulta is Live!

The Flame of Xulta is Live!

A new world has been discovered beyond the Shadowlands. A world of ancient tales, living out its last days beneath a dying sun.

Explore Xulta, where gem-clad paladins channel great power to vanquish their foes, gladiators build their legacy in a grand arena, and where the mighty dragon Voprex, driven by nightmare, gathers the last of his kind for a savage assault.

The Flame of Xulta is live, and Eternal is coming to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, October 8th!

Xulta is a new world, full of new creatures, dangerous new foes, and new mechanics.

  • Mastery rewards your weapons and units for their ever-growing skills in combat.
  • Units with Muster grow stronger when you play both spells and attachments.
  • Exalted units pass their stats and battle skills on when they die in battle.
  • Decimate offers you a choice: dark power at a dangerous cost.
  • Cards with Bargain can be a sweet deal from the Market… for the right price.
  • The Listeners of Xulta can Invoke the power of the Ancestors in times of crisis.

The Flame of Xulta also brings with it changes to the Expedition format and Eternal Draft Packs!