The Witching Hour Collection

The Witching Hour Collection

As dragons darken the skies over Xulta, familiar figures stalk the shadows…

The Witching Hour nears, and the Pale Riders return in a new bundle that introduces playmat skins to Eternal!

The Witching Hour Collection

The clock strikes midnight…it’s time to ride into battle on Eternal’s first playmat skin: The Witching Hour!

  • Set the mood with cold rain, gloomy mist, and the ghostly hoofprints.
  • This spooky playmat skin contains interactable objects (watch out for the pumpkins!)


The Pale Riders return! The Witching Hour Collection contains all four Pale Rider avatars. Each premium avatar includes unique effects and a premium emote:

  • Death: “Death has arrived.”
  • Pestilence: “You look ill…”
  • War: “I’ll cut you down!”
  • Famine: “What’s yours, is mine.”


The Witching Hour Collection includes one box of The Flame of Xulta, and three Draft Tickets to show off your new playmat skin and avatars in your format of choice!

The Witching Hour Collection costs 4,000 gems, and will be available from Halloween, Thursday, 10/31, until Wednesday, 11/6.

The Witching Hour Playmat Skin will be available separately for 1,000 gems.

Playmat Skins

The Witching Hour is the first new playmat skin to help you customize your Eternal experience!

Alongside its release, we are also adding a new tab to the Personalize section of the Profile page, where you can currently find Avatars, Totems, Card Backs and Emotes. Here, you’ll be able to choose a default playmat skin, or assign a particular playmat skin to a specific Deck!

There will be more Eternal playmat skins to come as we continue to explore the world of Myria, and beyond. Begin your journey with The Witching Hour Collection, coming on Halloween!