Yellow & Yangtze Patch 1.18

Yellow & Yangtze Patch 1.18

A new patch is now available for Yellow & Yangtze on PC, iOS and Android, with bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and more time to strategize in multiplayer games!  Here’s what’s new:

New features

  • Users can now view their PvP match when it’s not their turn from the “Continue Games” screen.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where game can lockup when interacting with a pagoda
  • Fixed a bug in Trade Routes mission
  • Fixed a bug where strength in War could display incorrect values
  • Reconnecting to live games should now work more consistently
  • Chat messages should no longer get duplicated
  • Revolt should now correctly replay when resuming a match
  • Fixed an issue where saved games could get lost
  • Fixed a GameCenter bug that could cause the iOS games to hang on startup
  • Fixed a pagoda undo bug
  • Fixed bug where wars in an AI could hang