Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated F.A.Q.
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General Non-Rules Questions
(Spoiler-Free Information About the Product.)
Is Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated replayable?
The campaign (which consists of at least 10 games) tells a story you cannot reset, and that you play through only once. At the end of the campaign, however, you will have a fully playable, two-sided board that you may continue to play on as often as you like.
Do you permanently alter components when you play the campaign?
Yes. In the course of the campaign, you will add stickers to game components, write on them with a marker, and even destroy them — permanently removing them from your copy of the game. You’ll unlock new game rules and sticker them into your rulebook. The decisions you make will result in a unique version of the game, unlike any other, for you to enjoy after the campaign.
Will I understand the story if I’m not familiar with Acquisitions Incorporated?
Yes. This story is about you and your friends creating your own Acquisitions Incorporated franchise from the ground up. No prior knowledge is required.
Is Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated compatible with Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure?
Mostly, yes! Note that some cards use terms that don’t exist in the original Clank!, and vice versa. Most cards, however, are fully compatible, and many more can cross over if you substitute one game term for another.

It is strongly recommended that you finish your Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated campaign before mixing the game with other Clank! expansions. After the campaign, though, you may use the original Clank! dungeon deck with your completed Legacy board, use your Legacy board with original Clank! cards, or whatever other crossover you can imagine.
What about the Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated — Upper Management Pack and The “C” Team Pack?
The Upper Management Pack and The “C” Team Pack are expansions compatible with both Legacy and original Clank! A few terms on the cards require “translation” from one game to the other (detailed later in this FAQ). As with other expansions, you are encouraged to finish the Legacy campaign before using them in that setting.

The contents of the Upper Management Pack and The “C” Team Pack are unique to those products and are not repeated in Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated (no matter what decisions you make during the campaign). The Upper Management Pack and The “C” Team Pack allow you to play as characters different from those you play in the Legacy campaign.
Is the game cooperative or competitive?
We’d say competitive, but it depends somewhat on the players. You can cooperate to some extent, making decisions as a group, dividing up exploration, and foregoing actions that might make things harder for each other. Or you can be as cutthroat as you like, looking out for yourself first and foremost. (The health of your Acquisitions Incorporated franchise will surely follow. It employs someone as wonderful as you, after all.)
Is there solo play?
No, there aren’t currently plans for solo support. The game is intended for 2 to 4 players.
I want to sleeve the cards in my copy of the game. How many sleeves will I need?
This can vary, depending on the choices you make while you play the campaign. You should need no more than 250 sleeves, for cards approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches (63 x 88mm). Note that this does not include sleeves for Contract cards; they don’t require sleeves, as they are used only for a limited time and then destroyed (and they are never shuffled).

For games you play after completion of the campaign, you may also wish to have sleeves for up to 12 cards approximately 5 inches x 3.5 inches (126 x 88mm).

We strongly recommended that you do not sleeve cards from the Cardporium or Patron Card envelope “ahead of time” — remove the cards only when instructed by the Book of Secrets and then sleeve them. You might spoil campaign surprises by looking at the cards in advance, and they won’t all fit inside the Cardporium and Patron Card envelope once sleeved. (They’re meant to be stored elsewhere once removed.)
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Before Game 1
(Read before starting your campaign.)
Read carefully when using the Book of Secrets!
When reading a Passage, be sure you carry out all of its instructions. If you stop in the middle of a Passage to do something it tells you, make sure you go back and finish. Take particular care if you stop to apply a sticker or to fetch a card from the Cardporium — these are the most likely moments you might forget to go back and finish. If you like, you can use a marker to check off the bullet point instructions in each Passage as you carry them out.
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Before Game 2
(Read after completing Setup, before the starting player takes their turn.)
The path out of our HQ takes 3 Boots! Am I stuck there?
If your only paths out of HQ require 3 Boots (or a Canoe), it’s likely that after reading the Game 2 Prologue, you overlooked the Contract “A Walk in the Woods.” If you do not have this Contract, it’s likely you overlooked an instruction during Game 1 to fetch card 109 from the Cardporium. Fetch that card now and carry out its instructions immediately. (If you never saw the Contract “A Walk in the Woods,” but you already have a normal, 1 Boot path out of your HQ, do nothing — your campaign has taken a different story path.)
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Before Game 10
(Read after completing Setup, before the starting player takes their turn.)
We know we have to discover the remaining Shrines, but there aren’t enough paths on the board to find them all. What do we do?
We’re getting into serious spoiler territory here, so first, let’s be sure: have you been to every Waypoint on the Underworld board? Have you completed all the Contracts you can? These hold the key to discovering the Shrine paths you haven’t yet found.
Yes, we have visited all the Waypoints and completed all our Contracts and we’re sure we’re missing a path to a Shrine. Help!
Follow the instructions below, according to which area(s) of your Underworld board seems to be missing a Shrine path:

Middle Left — You need the Contract “A Hint from Portentia,” which came from Passage 99 in the Book of Secrets. Fetch card 145 from the Cardporium and place it in the Contracts row.
Lower Left — You need the Contract “Say What?”, which came from the encounter at Waypoint 83. Fetch card 095 from the Cardporium and place it in the Contracts row.
Upper Right — You need the Contract “Anomaly Detected,” which came from the Game 7 Prologue (Passage 94) in the Book of Secrets. Fetch card 061 from the Cardporium and place it in the Contracts row.
Middle Right — You need the Contract “The Oracle’s Riddle,” which came from Passage 54 in the Book of Secrets (Waypoint 54 having been added to the board during the Game 7 Prologue). Fetch card 160 from the Cardporium. Immediately follow its instruction to read Passage 131 (as you would have done at the end of Game 8).
Lower Right — The Game 10 Prologue (Passage 136) instructs you to add this path. If you haven’t yet read this Passage in setting up Game 10, do so now.
Shrine of Water — You need Waypoint 49, which came from Passage 100 in the Book of Secrets. Go to Sticker Sheet D, Group 25. Apply the Waypoint 49 sticker to the empty space in the northeast of the board. (If you haven’t applied all the Rules stickers from this group to your Rulebook, do so now.)
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After Your Campaign
(Spoiler-free clarifications about post-campaign play.)
There are still cards left in our Cardporium and stickers left on our Sticker Sheets. Did we do something wrong?
It’s normal to have unused cards and stickers at the end of the campaign. If you have any Contracts you haven’t completed or Waypoints you haven’t visited, you might still access some of these unused components in post-campaign games. But the choices you made during the campaign have lasting consequences; your choices led you to certain cards and stickers (which other groups will not have seen).
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Spoiler-Free Clarifications
(General rules clarifications that reveal no campaign specifics.)
Associate Status — The numbers on the Associate Status track are spaces meant to be checked like all the others. Specifically: it is your fifth, eleventh, and eighteenth checkmarks that trigger Passages 10, 79, and 165 (respectively).
Mysterious Tome — When you buy a Mysterious Tome, place it in your discard pile, just like all other cards you acquire. It does nothing when you draw and play it (though it’s a great card to discard when you need to, such as for Consultant).
Random Encounter Table — In the infrequent situation where no major secrets remain in the Bank, take 5 Gold for defeating this monster.
Reveal / Look At — When you “reveal” or “look at” a card and you’re not told to do something specific with it, put it back where it was. “Revealing” a card means all players get to see it. When you “look at” a card, only you get to see it.
Setup — In rare cases (nearly all occurring in post-campaign play), you may find you don’t have enough major secret tokens to complete the game setup. In these cases, take the major secret(s) from the space(s) closest to the bottom of the board and place a 5 Gold coin there instead. (The first player to reach the space takes the gold as they would a major secret.)
Trashing — Text that allows you to do something “when you trash this card” does not itself allow you to trash that card. You must use some other card to trash the one that gives you the benefit.
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Clarifications with Minor Spoilers
(Players can encounter these questions at different times in the campaign.)
Copper Associate/Talent Stickers — When you’re given the choice of a Talent Sticker, you may find that some of them refer to things you have not yet encountered in the campaign. (For example: interns.) You may choose one of these if you wish, but the sticker will do nothing for you until later in the campaign.
Stickering cards — Depending on your placement, a small number of stickers you apply to cards may overhang the edge by a small amount. The extra buffer space on these stickers is necessary for production. You may wish to keep a pair of scissors handy to trim away the overhang after you apply the sticker.
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Upper Management Pack
(Questions regarding these expansions.)
Note that some of the cards in these expansions use terms from the original CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure. Convert these terms to CLANK! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated as noted below.
Chalice: Grand Seal of Excellence. (Used on Specialist.)
Crystal Cave: Forest space. (Used on Stoneshapery and Animal Shape.)
Depths: Danger Zone. (Used on Tentacular Spectacular.)
Dungeon Deck/Row: Adventure Deck/Row. (Used on Contract and Stalk.)
Market Room: Town space. (Used on Persuade.)
Contract — This card in Omin Dran’s starting deck is called Contract, but is not itself a Contract.

You may find it helpful to mark the card you choose with a cube from your supply (taking the cube back when the Contract no longer applies).

If there are two or more copies of the same card in the adventure row, the Contract applies only to the specific copy chosen by the Omin Dran player.
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Mixing with CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure
(Using classic CLANK! and its expansions after the campaign.)
As noted in the rulebook, it is possible after the campaign to mix parts of CLANK! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated with CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure (and its expansions). Convert terms between the two games as follows:
Adventure Deck/Row: Dungeon Deck/Row.
Danger Zone: Depths.
Forest space: Crystal Cave.
Mug token: Mastery token.
Mysterious Tome: Secret Tome.
Town space: Market room.