Community Store Update

Community Store Update

We have some great news about new items coming to the Community Store. But first of all, here’s the best part… users who have linked their Eternal account to their Twitch account can now spend their Influence at the Eternal Store!


Cosmetics Arrivals and Departures

We’ll be swapping out Icaria, Valkyrie Captain premium avatar and the Argenport Silverwing totem for these two items:


  • Brenn, Chronicler of Ages premium avatar
  • Sentinel Gauntlet totem

This will be your last chance to pick up the Furious Emotes and Curious Emotes packages, which will be leaving the Community Store soon.

Community Emotes Package



The winning emotes have been chosen, and the Community Emotes Package is now available!

  • Well Played – “Well played.” by IsochronEternal
  • Greet – “Good luck, have fun.” by jez2718
  • Thanks – “Thanks for waiting!” by inthrall
  • Curse – “I’ve made a huge mistake.” by krorkle
  • Cheer – “JAJAJA” by camat0
  • Taunt – “Math is for blockers!” – by KaelosTheReckoning

Winners will be notified soon in order to receive their prizes.

Design a Card

Congratulations to the very first purchaser of our Design a Card offer from the Community Store: y0ttabyte!

The Design Team is looking over their submission, and we hope to have news about this card soon.