Echoes of Eternity Pre-Order Bundle

Echoes of Eternity Pre-Order Bundle

Nightmares gather for their final assault upon Sol’s Altar. Join the fight with new cosmetics and a box of cards ready to open when Echoes of Eternity releases!

The Echoes of Eternity Pre-Order Bundle releases today, and contains:

  • 1 box of Echoes of Eternity (32 packs that can be opened on release day)
  • 1 Sol’s Rest Premium Playmat Skin
  • 1 Eremot, Eternal Nightmare Premium Avatar
  • 1 Eternal Nightmare Premium Card Back
  • 4 x alt art Skylord Tolek (Playable immediately in Throne and Expedition!)
  • 1,800 Gems

Plus, as a thank-you for purchasing directly from the DWD Store, your first two Echoes of Eternity drafts are on us!

  • 2 bonus Draft tickets!

The Pre-Order Bundle will be available starting later today for $49.99 in the in-game store or from the DWD Store.

“But who — or what — is Skylord Tolek?” you ask?

Eremot’s influence has spread far and wide, bringing even Xulta’s mighty dragons under its foul control. Ancient Tolek, revered among his kind, withstood the nightmare’s corruption longer than most…but when Skylords fall, worlds fall with them:

Purchasing the Echoes of Eternity Pre-Order Bundle will unlock four copies of the alt-art Skylord Tolek immediately, so you can begin exploring how the game will change when Echoes of Eternity releases in February!

…and even if you (for some inscrutable reason) fail to acquire the Pre-Order Bundle, the regular release version of Skylord Tolek will be craftable in-game with Shiftstone as soon as the Bundle is available. Roar!

Echoes of Eternity Draft Preview

Starting next Tuesday, February 4, a curated list of 72 common and uncommon cards from Echoes of Eternity will be added to Draft Packs prior to the full set’s release later next month. The cards will not be craftable with Shiftstone until release, but you do get to keep the cards you draft and immediately play with them in Throne and Expedition!

Until Echoes of Eternity releases, the Draft format will still be:

  • Flame of Xulta – Draft Pack – Draft Pack – Flame of Xulta

but the remixed Draft Packs will include early access to some of the sweet new cards on the way in the new set…like these:

These are just a few of the new cards shaking up Draft Packs when the Echoes of Eternity Draft Preview begins next Tuesday!

Echoes of Eternity is almost here! Come back Thursday for a first look at Corrupted, a new mechanic from the new set, and pick up your Echoes of Eternity Pre-Order Bundle today!