Eternal: Unleashed – Patch Notes 6/8/22

Eternal: Unleashed – Patch Notes 6/8/22

June 8th’s patch addresses a variety of bugs present in Unleashed. The full list of patch notes can be seen below.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Boundless Knowledge could crash the game if it drew another Boundless Knowledge from your deck

  • Fixed an issue where Stutterstep prevented some abilities from reinstalling when the unit reappeared

  • Fixed an issue where Stutterstep refreshed consumable abilities, such as Ultimate and Infiltrate

  • Fixed an issue where Blackmaw Carnosaur could gain/lose Lifesteal during battle damage

  • Fixed an issue where copies of spells made by Sundown Accord did not keep permanent modifications

  • Fixed an issue where Collaboration counted multifaction units incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where Inscribe spells could sometimes select Bloodsucking Skeeter

  • Fixed an issue where Aerial Deployment revealed the created card to the enemy player

  • Fixed an issue where Gift of Xulta didn’t install the passive abilities of some relics it copied

  • Fixed an issue where Voidbound granted by Fierce Protection was not permanent

  • Fixed an issue where Resonance Wave could select units in hand and void

  • Fixed an issue where Can’t Remember couldn’t be targeted by Corrupt

  • Fixed an issue where Sleight of Hand didn’t transform power cards when triggers resulted from the draw

  • Fixed an issue where Draconic Looting could prevent Unleash spells from creating copies

  • Fixed an issue where Genetrix Irel, Wayward’s stat buff applied before Unleash, unlike similar abilities

  • Fixed an issue where Halotipped Spray didn’t remove relic weapon armor before it dealt damage

  • Fixed an issue where Zytrom, Twisted Mind caused “when a unit dies” effects to trigger twice

  • Fixed an issue where Hot Hand’s delayed trigger didn’t offer a response window

  • Fixed an issue where Stormhalt Plating didn’t transfer “can attack twice” effect when stolen

  • Fixed an issue where Grand Suppressor did not suppress Markmaker’s Summon

Card Fixes:

  • Added a dynamic damage value to Halotipped Spray’s text

  • Improved hinting on Lux Penumbra’s activated ability

Known Issues:

  • Stutterstep behaves incorrectly with some unit Curses.

  • Pyrotech Explosion selection is limited to the previous selection after canceling and replaying it.

  • Sleight of Hand’s draw animation is incorrect when transforming power cards.

  • Disciplinary Studies’ contract ability occurs while it is on the stack instead of after resolution.

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