Last Chance for Tournament Starter & Valley Beyond Legendary Bundles

Last Chance for Tournament Starter & Valley Beyond Legendary Bundles

With the upcoming release of Enter The Arcanum, The following items will be leaving the Eternal Store on Wednesday, August 17th. 

Last Chance: Tournament Starter Bundles

Building decks can be daunting, and its always useful to have more Shiftstone on hand to help change your existing decks, or build a new one altogether. Eternal Tournament Starter Bundles offer ready-to-play decks, an exclusive alternate art card (and in the case of Chirganth & Curiox, new alt arts of their created cards), and 6,400 Shiftstone to help add to your collection!

There are five decks available for purchase:

  • Curiox’s Journey (with alternate art Curiox, All-Seeing & Dragon’s Eye)
  • Chirganth’s Fury (With alternate art Chirganth, Ice Regent & Numbing Cold)
  • Vikrum’s Cruelty (with alternate art Huntmaster Vikrum)
  • Valley’s Law (with alternate art Furious Magniventris)
  • Arcanum’s Radiance (with alternate art Riva, Crimson Blur)

Each deck is geared towards a different strategy, so players can pick the style that suits them best! These cards are a great foundation for any player, and can be converted into additional Shiftstone as well. So whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, there’s something great for everybody in the Tournament Starter Bundles.

Grab your favorite decks & alternate arts now, before they’re gone forever!

See the full deck lists of all five tournament starter bundles here!

Last Chance: Valley Beyond Legendary Bundle

The Valley Beyond Legendary Bundle is available in-game and in the Eternal Store for $39.99 and includes:

  • 4x Premium & regular playsets of each of the 23 cards in Valley Beyond!
  • 1x Valley Beyond Totem.
  • 1x Premium Card Back!
  • 1x  Premium Avatar
  • 4x New Alternate-Art copies of Evelina, Valley Searcher
  • 1x Box of Cold Hunt packs
  • 2x Draft Tickets
  • 500 Gems

This is your last chance to get those sweet Valley Beyond cosmetics, and the Alternate Art Evelina, Valley Searcher cards present in the Valley Beyond Legendary Bundle, but players will still be able to purchase the Valley Beyond Bundle & Valley Beyond Premium Bundle after August 17th to access the cards included in the set.

Don’t delay, get these bundles before they’re gone! And don’t forget to pre-order Enter The Arcanum before August 17th for the best deal on all the new cards coming to Eternal!