New Format: Expedition

New Format: Expedition

We’re excited to announce a new way to play with your cards in Eternal. We’re experimenting with a rotating format replacement for the Casual Queue called Expedition.

We currently expect each Expedition to last up to one month (but some could be shorter), and each will contain a new format and/or rules. Our first Expedition will be a constructed format where only select sets are legal, namely The Empty Throne, Defiance, and Dark Frontier.

With the launch of Expedition, we’re also adding some new tools to the deckbuilder that will make it easy for you to see only cards legal for the current Expedition format. In the deck selection screen, the Expedition button will allow you to filter for Expedition-legal cards and decks:

The first Expedition is live right now. You’ll find it across all platforms in place of the existing Casual queue.

Practice Mode

Where did Casual go? For the Ranked queue, we have a new toggle called Practice Mode that will let you play games in Ranked without any impact to skill level or ranking. Rewards for Practice Mode wins will be single Bronze Chests only. Finally, in Practice Mode, you’ll be matched against all other players in the Ranked Queue, and your games will still count for quests and achievements.

We’re excited for you to try out these new features in Eternal, and we look forward to your feedback!