Root Server Update

Root Server Update

Patch Notes

Root’s Server Update is now live with the following bugfixes!

Reconnect Bugfixes:

  • Fixed issues where users would softlock when reconnecting after Lizards performed the Move and Crusade actions.
  • Using Scorched Earth against a disconnected Vagabond should no longer softlock when the Vagabond reconnects.
  • Instigating a battle while having an unexhausted sword no longer causes another battle to start while Saving and Exiting.

Gameplay Bugfixes:

  • In Online Games, Favor cards will no longer craft repeatedly for the Riverfolk.
  • Vagabonds can no longer take another action after counter-ambushing Marquise.
  • Players should now be able to always activate phase related cards when applicable.
  • Vagabond is no longer able to undo Strikes against Lizard Cult Gardens in Online Games.
  • Fixed an issue in Online Games where Undo-ing after the Evening phase allowed Woodland Alliance to craft again using the same Sympathy token.

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