The Flame of Xulta: Expeditions and Draft Packs

The Flame of Xulta: Expeditions and Draft Packs

A new Expedition format, with some new twists, begins with the release of The Flame of Xulta on Monday! In this new Expedition, the legal cards will be from The Flame of Xulta, the Eternal Draft Pack, and select Promo cards.

The Eternal Draft Pack itself is seeing some changes with this new format.  It will contain a curated set of 785 cards from the first six sets of Eternal. As with the contents of all Eternal Draft Packs, the cards included have been selected from Eternal’s history to play best with the new cards and themes from The Flame of Xulta. The full list of cards legal can be seen here or by selecting the Expedition filter in the deckbuilder.

This is a departure from previous Expedition formats that included entire sets. This new style allows us to include some cards from our first set, The Empty Throne, while allowing some historic mainstays like Torch, Harsh Rule, and Sandstorm Titan to take a break.

This new Expedition format using Draft Packs will be the cornerstone of Eternal’s organized play program going forward (and will feature a monthly leaderboard, web-only at first, but in-client later in October). Ranked will continue to be part of the competitive format as well – an announcement about how those fit together and the 2020 Eternal World Championship is coming this Monday during our set-release downtime.

The Eternal Draft Pack naturally will be appearing in draft play as well. Our next draft format will be The Flame of Xulta, Eternal Draft Pack, Eternal Draft Pack, The Flame of Xulta. This means when you draft, every card you open will be playable in Expedition. Additionally, some cards that play particularly well with Flame of Xulta have an increased weighting, causing them to show up in Draft Packs more often.

New Deckbuilding Feature

To make Expedition deckbuilding easier, we’re also introducing a new feature called “Make Expedition Copy”. When you go to the Cards screen and click on the Expedition button you’ll see the “Make Expedition Copy” button appear. Using this button you can make an Expedition-legal copy of any of your decks. If there were any cards in the deck that weren’t legal, we use an algorithm to replace them with the closest match of an Expedition-legal card that you own.

We’re excited for you all to try it out and we can’t wait for you to experience The Flame of Xulta and its Expedition coming this Monday!