The Trials of Grodov

The Trials of Grodov

A call to the Ancestors…

Kodosh, watch over me. Make my eyes sharp, and my feet swift.


Shavka, guide my hands that I may strike, clear and bright.


Linrei, cool my brow and ease my thirst. Cradle me and make me new.


Makkar, hold safe my blood, the gift of my mother, my debt to your children.

A-hu! A-hu!

Grodov, judge me kindly. For I am born to perish, and the world grows dark…

The Ancestors of Xulta have been called. The Trials of Grodov are now begun!

Next Wednesday, 7/24, The Trials of Grodov will introduce 20 new cards to Eternal in a bundle purchasable in the store!

…and as a special bonus, The Trials of Grodov also includes the early arrival* of five new Insignias that will be coming in Eternal‘s next full set!

* Insignias will be found in packs, and craftable as normal when the next set releases.

New Premium Sigils!

A new set of five Premium Xultan Sigils will be available when the Trials of Grodov goes live! Here’s how you can get yours:

The Trials of Grodov Bundle

  • Contains four copies of each of 20 new cards, four copies of each of 5 new Insignias, and the new Uldra Premium Avatar!
  • Like Campaign cards, the cards included in The Trials of Grodov cannot be crafted or destroyed for Shiftstone.
  • 25,000 gold or 1,000 gems.

The Trials of Grodov Premium Bundle

  • Contains premium copies of the cards in the Trials of Grodov Bundle, the Uldra premium avatar, and the Uldra Premium Card Back!
  • 2,000 gems (or 1,000 gems to upgrade your previously-purchased Trials of Grodov Bundle).

The Trials of Grodov Xultan Bundle

  • Contains the Trials of Grodov Premium Bundle, plus one box of Dark Frontier, one Draft ticket, and the new Xultan Premium Sigils!
  • 5,000 gems (or 4,000 gems to upgrade your Trials of Grodov Bundle, or 3,000 gems to upgrade your Premium Bundle).

Trials of Grodov Release Event!

To celebrate the beginning of The Trials of Grodov next Wednesday, the release will also kick off a special theme deck release event!

Honor the Ancestors of Xulta as you do battle with one of five phantom theme decks built around the new cards available in The Trials of Grodov!

You can join the fray immediately in a fun casual event with a randomly-selected theme deck that showcases the new cards and strategies available, like the new Yisha, the Equalizer!

After all, with Yisha ensuring that everything is completely equal and fair, what could go wrong?

Stay tuned next week for more details on The Trials of Grodov Event!

A dangerous new land awaits beyond known borders…get your first glimpse of the future of Eternal when The Trials of Grodov releases next Wednesday!