What’s New in Eternal: Unleashed?

What’s New in Eternal: Unleashed?

Eternal’s 13th Set expansion, Unleashed, is here! With 300 cards and three new mechanics, you’re invited to throw down with the wildest Eternal set ever! And that’s not to mention new, more generous booster packs and updates to our Draft and Expedition formats. Let’s take a look at all the fun!



The titular mechanic of the set, Unleash lets you copy your cards an unlimited number of times! When you play a card with Unleash, you’ll keep drawing copies of it that you can play before it’s discarded at the end of the turn. Get enough power and you can unleash the biggest turn ever.


Taunt is a new Battle Skill that means the unit must be blocked if able. If you attack with multiple Taunt units, your opponent must block as many of them as they can. Taunt can help you mow down enemy units, or it can tie up a key blocker to allow your other units to get through safely.


Frenzy is a new keyword that gives you a bonus every time you hit the enemy player with anything except an attacking unit. Spells like Vara's Favor, Relic Weapons like Stonescar Maul, and Unit abilities like Stormcaller are all ways to get a Frenzy bonus. And you can get that Frenzy bonus multiple times in a turn, too!

Theme Decks

Are you looking for a deck to get started with? Check out the new Unleashed theme decks in the Eternal Store. Each deck comes ready to play, and includes a Legendary card and 3 rares. There’s five theme decks to choose from, each available for 3,000 Gold or 250 Gems.

Unleashed Booster Packs and Boxes

Of course, if you want to build your collection faster, Unleashed Packs and Boxes are available in the store now, too. Unleashed packs are our most generous packs ever. In addition to 210 brand new cards, there are also 90 cards from previous sets in Unleashed.

Each pack of Unleashed contains:

  • 1 new rare or legendary
  • 2 new uncommons
  • 6 new commons
  • 1 high-rarity reprint (Odds: 88% uncommon, 10% rare, 2% legendary)
  • 2 common reprints
  • 100 shiftstone

Why are we doing this? First of all, we’re always looking for more ways to make Eternal more generous and fun for players. The opportunity to open up a pack with multiple rares or even multiple legendaries is something we couldn’t wait to experience ourselves. And players can do it in a way that helps them build up a deeper collection faster.

The other big reason ties into our next big update…

New Draft and Expedition Formats

Draft and Expedition are two foundational formats in Eternal that are getting some great improvements with Unleashed. In Draft, players compete on a level playing field, picking cards from packs and then assembling a deck. No collection required. Expedition is our constructed format featuring the most recent sets of cards.

When developing these formats, sometimes we spot an older card that fits a hole perfectly or plays in an awesome new way. A great example of that is Breath of Voprex

A great card for a Frenzy deck, it was too much fun putting enemies into the squeeze to not have as part of the Unleashed experience.

For Draft, we’re excited for our first Draft format since Set 1 to feature a majority of packs of the newest set. The Draft order for Unleashed is:

  • Unleashed
  • Unleashed
  • Cold Hunt
  • Unleashed

Adding reprints to packs and expanding the size of Unleashed gave us the necessary tools to cultivate an exciting, deep new format where players can get their hands on lots and lots of the newest cards.

For Expedition, we’ve simplified the format.

Expedition now consists of our two most recent sets, any cards that came out after the previous set (In this case, Cold Hunt), as well as our Expedition Vault. The Expedition Vault is a core set of cards granted to all players during the onboarding experience that remain legal in Expedition for an indefinite period of time.

That means the Unleashed Expedition format is:

Reprints served a similar role in allowing us to develop the new Expedition format. It allows us to bring back a past hit like Alhed, Mountbreaker.

Alhed and his inspire effect takes your Unleash units to a whole new level.

Ultimately, we want to deliver more ways to play and master in both Expedition and Draft while refining the experience to be more focused on all that’s new and cool in Unleashed.

Competitive Play

Looking to prove yourself against the toughest competition? Our 2022 World Championship series is in full swing and participating is a great way to up your skills, plus you can earn packs even cold card cash! Our next open event begins on May 27th! We’ll have a full announcement post up with more details on that event soon.

If you’re looking for players to connect with, check out the Eternal discord and if you’re looking for decklists, eternalwarcry.com is a great place to stay up on the latest.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, coming back, or just getting started on your Eternal journey, there’s tons for you to check out with Unleashed! Stay up to date on everything coming to Eternal (and get a free pack with every email) by signing up for the Dire Wolf newsletter!