Whispers of the Throne Preview Event

Whispers of the Throne Preview Event

Whispers of the Throne arrives Monday, and as Vara is tempted by the power of the throne, we thought it only right to tempt you with a preview event!

Here’s how it works:

  • There are 5 exclusive decks built for the event, each centered around a new hero unit from Whispers of the Throne.
    • Each deck also contains 4 copies of another card from Whispers of the Throne…but you’ll have to play in the event to see what they are!
  • Each of your first 5 runs in the Event will use a different deck.
    • After 5 entries into the Event, you will play with a deck selected at random.
    • These decks are not added to your collection.
  • This event costs 2,500 gold or 200 gems to enter
  • You may enter as many times as you would like. Each run consists of 7 games, win-or-lose.
  • Your first 5 runs count towards your position on the event leaderboard
  • The Whispers of the Throne Preview Event will run from Friday 3/27/2020 at 10:00 AM MDT (16:00 UTC) to Monday 3/30/2020 at 4:00 PM MDT (22:00 UTC).

Run Rewards

       Wins       Prizes
7 4 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Gold Chest
6 3 packs, 1 Premium Rare, 1 Gold Chest
5 3 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Gold Chest
4 3 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Silver Chest
3 2 packs, 1 Rare, 1 Silver Chest
2 2 packs, 1 Premium Uncommon, 1 Silver Chest
1 2 packs, 1 Premium Uncommon, 1 Bronze Chest
0 2 packs

Leaderboard Rewards

Rank       Prizes
1 3 Gold Chests
2-10 1 Gold Chest, 2 Silver Chests
11-100 3 Silver Chests
101+ 2 Silver Chests

Alright, now that we’ve told you how the event works, here’s the lowdown on one of the five decks you’ll get to play with: Razca’s Brood!

Razca, Rewarded is one of the new cards coming in Whispers of the Throne that you can start brewing with early when you pre-order the Legendary Bundle! She made the ultimate sacrifice and her draconic masters have rewarded her with life everlasting; as long as she continues to serve them that is. Razca’s deck is all about Dragons of course as well as different ways to sacrifice Razca over and over again for fun and profit. Razca is happy to give her life to help let you draw your Dakus over and over again, or to help you dig for just the answers you need with Display of Menace.


Razca, Rewarded


  • 4 x Menace Chant
  • 3 x Slumbering Stone
  • 2 x Kato, Arena Herald
  • 1 x Teething Whelp
  • 4 x Voprex's Choice
  • 1 x Burningcore Drake
  • 2 x Cozin Darkheart
  • 3 x Display of Menace
  • 3 x Dragon Forge
  • 1 x Dakus, Ancient Flame
  • 2 x Fell Ritual
  • 2 x Innate Conviction
  • 1 x Tattoo Dragon
  • 1 x Eclipse Dragon
  • 1 x Karvet, Redeemed
  • 1 x Skylord Tolek
  • 4 x Thunder of Wings
  • 1 x Dark Betrayal
  • 1 x Karvet, Solar Dragon
  • 1 x Whispers in the Void
  • 1 x Claw of the First Dragon
  • 1 x Linrei's Kiss
  • 1 x Stonesmelt Dragon
  • 5 x Fire Sigil
  • 3 x Primal Sigil
  • 4 x Shadow Sigil
  • 3 x Seat of Fury
  • 3 x Seat of Chaos
  • 2 x Stonescar Banner
  • 2 x Feln Banner
  • 3 x Seat of Cunning
  • 4 x Praxis Trove
  • 4 x Razca, Rewarded

75 cards

Export Copied!

Now let’s take a look at the Whispers of the Throne heroes that will be leading the other four decks:

Keelo, Bold Innovator 

Keelo is all about upgrades, and as long as you provide the fuel, she’ll give you some serious firepower. For a mere 2 power, she’s happy to turn one of your units into something much stronger! The Keelo deck is all about chaining your smaller units into bigger ones and making really big plays. You haven’t lived until you turn a Karvet, Solar Dragon into a Realitybreaker to wipe out your opponents entire board!



Vox, Nurturing Sadist

Vox is another cultist who, like Razca, wants to engulf the world in darkness. However, instead of Dragons, Vox has sworn his allegiance to the Nightmares. He’s also not above sacrificing some of his fellow cultists to try and advance his agenda, and if those cultists happen to have been corrupted, so much the better. Vox in particular loves Nightmares who keep coming back, like Endless Nightmare or Piercing Grief!



Kaspar, Oren of Kosul

Heavy is the head that wears the crown… But maybe Kaspar can put a spring back in your step by letting you power up some incredible relics! Doubling up on Gathering Lights off of a Waystone Fragment is a great way to get back into a game that might have gotten away from you, and doubling a Kodosh's Armor activation is a fantastic way to close it out.



Elham, Keen-Eyed

Elham is sure to guide you to an overwhelming victory. She’ll make any of your relic weapons very tough to kill and eventually bury your enemies under an avalanche of Golems. Even a small weapon like a Furyblade can become very powerful when Elham is supplying you with all the armor you could ever ask for.

Who will be your champion? Find out this Friday with the Whispers of the Throne preview event!