New Set: Argent Depths

New Set: Argent Depths

UPDATE: The Argent Depths Pre-Order Bundle is now available!

Due to a storefront delay beyond our control, the release date for Argent Depths is moving to Wednesday, June 24.

After centuries of silence, the Eternal Throne stirs to life once more. First in Xulta, and now much closer to home… 

Enter the Argenport of Vara’s darkest fears, where nightmares prowl the streets of her childhood, and the fate she once fled from becomes terrifyingly real.

With her mother Eilyn imprisoned by her tyrannical father Caiphus, hunted by her uncle Rolant’s monstrous valkyrie, and her half-brother Kaleb about to steal her birthright, young Vara must survive a twisted world of her own creation.

The Throne’s power is great, but wielding it is another matter entirely. How much of this consuming darkness stems from Eremot’s sadistic influence…and how much of it is simply her?

Argent Depths, the ninth set in Eternal®, brings 200+ new cards and exciting new mechanics when it releases on Wednesday, June 24th!

The Argent Depths Pre-Order Bundle

You can begin exploring Argent Depths next Wednesday, June 17, when the Pre-Order Bundle goes on sale in-game and via the Eternal Web Store for $49.99!

As soon as you pre-order, you’ll also immediately receive four alternate-art copies of one of Vara’s greatest childhood fears:

The Argent Depths Pre-Order Bundle will be available on June 17 for $49.99, and contains:

  • 1 x Box (32 packs) of Argent Depths to open on release day!
  • 1 x Nightmare Argenport Premium Sigils!
  • 1 x Argent Depths Premium Card Back!
  • 1 x Rolant, Iron Tyrant Premium Avatar!
  • 4 x premium & non-premium alternate-art Rolant, Iron Tyrant!*
  • 1800 Gems!
  • 1 x Draft Ticket!

* The regular version of Rolant, Iron Tyrant will also be craftable in-game as soon as the preorder is available.

As a special thank-you for supporting the ongoing development of Eternal, players who pre-order directly from the Eternal Web Store will also receive:

  • 2 x Draft Ticket!

Don’t miss your chance to get a great deal on the newest cards & cosmetics! The Argent Depths Pre-Order Bundle will leave the store on June 24 when the set goes live!

Draft Preview

As always, the arrival of a new set shakes up the Draft format with new cards to bring into battle and new strategies to explore. We’re getting the fun started early with a special Draft Preview window that kicks off next week!

Starting on June 17 when the Pre-Order begins, a curated pool of 63 new commons and uncommons from Argent Depths will become available in Eternal Draft Packs! You keep any cards you draft and can use them immediately in Throne and Expedition play,  so the Draft Preview gives you a chance to get hands-on with some sweet new stuff before the official release!

We’ll be previewing some of the new mechanics of Argent Depths, alongside more Draft Pack updates on Monday.

Keep an eye out for updates to the full list of Eternal Draft Packs next week, and get ready to jam some new cards!

Heroes from the Depths Preview Event

Discover some of the new Heroes coming in Argent Depths during the Heroes from the Depths Preview Event!

Next weekend, 6/19 – 6/22, bring a two-faction Throne deck to the Preview Event, and you’ll get to play with one of 10 new Hero cards while you win Argent Depths packs!

Put your brewing caps on…full details will be revealed next week!

Sealed League Update

Finally, the Argent Depths Sealed League wouldn’t be complete without, well, Argent Depths, now would it?

We’re updating the last week of the League to include two packs of Argent Depths, rather than Echoes of Eternity, so all nine of Eternal‘s sets will be represented! Get to brewin’!

Community Spoilers

Got more Influence than you can shake an iron fist at? Grab a spoiler!

There will be an extremely limited number of spoilers available in the Community Store for 35,000 Influence each. If you manage to get one, you can share it with the community however you’d like — write an article, make a video, donate it to a favorite streamer — all we ask is that you don’t misrepresent the actual card.

Community Spoilers sell out fast, so you’ll need to get your clicking finger ready for when each batch goes on sale:

  • Batch 1: Friday, June 12 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)
  • Batch 2: Monday, June 15 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)
  • Batch 3: Wednesday, June 17 at 10am MDT (16:00 UTC)

Good luck, and to the victors go the spoilers!

Argent Depths is just a couple of weeks away…stay tuned for spoilers and mechanic reveals as we get ready for the future of Eternal when Argent Depths releases on June 24!