New Set: Dark Frontier

New Set: Dark Frontier

Dark Frontier

Coming in May, Dark Frontier is the sixth set in Eternal, introducing over 200 new cards and exciting new mechanics to the game!

When Vara emerged from the Shadowlands, she brought with her knowledge of a changing world, one whose boundaries reached through a veil of shadow…and beyond.

Vara’s survival in that corrupted place confirmed much of what Talir had begun to investigate when the Strangers marched on Argenport: the long-dormant Waystones mark paths through the trackless plains, paths that may even lead from one reality to the next — if you can survive the dangers that lurk within.

A dark frontier opens at the edge of possibility, a deadly place where twisted magic and ancient mysteries unite to challenge those bold enough to set foot beyond the borders of the known world.

The future calls…get ready for Dark Frontier!

Will you survive the Onslaught?

Within the Shadowlands, all of your worst impulses are pulled to the surface. Fear. Anger. Suspicion. A steadfast friend will betray you; a devout warrior abandon her quest. Violence can break out at a moment’s notice…and that’s when the Onslaught begins.

Onslaught is the first of three new mechanics coming in Dark Frontier, one that readily rewards those aggressive urges in the heat of battle:

Onslaught: Does something when played if you or any of your units have attacked this turn.

So cards with Onslaught give you benefits for attacking, and Eternal has a few different ways to get that done.  Attacking with your units in combat, using a Killer ability, and even getting into the mix yourself with a relic weapon all count as attacks, so you have some options when it comes to just how you want to plan your offensive.

And, while visiting ruin upon your enemies is its own reward, Onslaught can pay off in a variety of ways. Whether it’s gaining power, drawing cards, or smiting foes, once the thrill of battle is pounding through your veins, Onslaught is the bloodlust that’s driving you forward:

And the Onslaught is only just getting started! There will be more to come as Dark Frontier approaches!

Community Spoilers

With the upcoming release of Dark Frontier, we’re trying something a bit different.  Starting tomorrow at 2pm MDT (20:00 UTC), a limited number of card spoilers from the new set will be available in the online Community Store for 35,000 Influence each.

These spoilers will be made available in multiple batches between now and the release of Dark Frontier as we experiment with this new approach. Each batch of spoilers is small, and you can only get one spoiler from each batch. If you do get a card to spoil, we’ll email you your card within two business days; at that point how and when you share your spoiler with the Eternal community is up to you — our only real requirement is that you not misrepresent the card.

As a word of caution, we would strongly encourage everyone to play nice with others here. Our hope is that Community Spoilers can be a fun way to share the opportunity to reveal new cards with some folks who might never have had the chance to do that before. So let’s all get along. 😉

And finally, because we know some of you will ask: Our offering spoilers in the Community Store does not in any way increase our ability to control what Scarlatch does in Discord and elsewhere. Will there be other spoilers offered to community members? Probably. We’ll be watching Reddit with the rest of you, to find out when it happens.

Keep an eye out for more spoilers and announcements to come as we get ready for Dark Frontier!