New Campaign: Into Shadow

New Campaign: Into Shadow

Into Shadow, the newest campaign in the ongoing story of Eternal, brings with it 23 new cards that can be unlocked by completing 17 fun single-player games.

When the Strangers came, the world was plunged into chaos. To hold them back, Caiphus tapped into the raw power of the Eternal Throne…and it consumed him.

Caiphus left behind an heir – Vara, his daughter with Eilyn – who could claim her father’s Throne and maintain order in Argenport. But at the moment she was needed most, Vara walked away.

She wandered the edges of the Shadowlands under the sway of the mysterious Azindel, whose “gift hid her from pursuers, but robbed her of her memories…

Bridging the events of Jekk’s Bounty and Dead ReckoningInto Shadow follows Vara in her pursuit of vengeance against the mentor who wronged her, and the discovery of a new destiny that awaits.


Go Premium!

For the first time, you can also buy an all-premium version of the campaign! When you do, you’ll receive four premium copies of each card in Into Shadow (unlocked as usual by playing through the campaign).  In addition, you’ll get the exclusive new Vara, Vengeance-Seeker premium avatar!

  • Into Shadow will be available soon for 25,000 gold or 1,000 gems!
  • The premium campaign will be available for 2,000 gems!

Escape your past and define your future with Into Shadow!