The Flame of Xulta Pre-Order Bundle

The Flame of Xulta Pre-Order Bundle

Can’t wait to explore Xulta? As The Flame of Xulta draws closer, here are some of the sweet new cosmetics you can get before the set releases!

The Flame of Xulta Pre-order Bundle comes with:

  • A box of The Flame of Xulta!
  • A Premium Voprex, Hope’s End card back
  • A Premium Voprex, Hope’s End avatar
  • 4x alt art Kairos, Grand Champion
  • 1,800 Gems
  • All Pre-order Bundles purchased from the Eternal web store will also receive 2 bonus Draft Tickets!

You will be able to open the Set 7 packs when the set releases, and can use the new premium card back and avatar—and play with Kairos in Ranked and Expedition—right away!

The Pre-order bundle is $49.99, and is available in the in-game Store and the Eternal web store right now!

Step into the arena, and help the Grand Champion confront one of Xulta’s greatest terrors. But hurry, this bundle is only available until The Flame of Xulta releases!

Update: The normal art version of Kairos will also be craftable when this update goes live!


The Flame of Xulta Draft Preview

And starting tomorrow, Thursday, 9/26, you can use those bonus draft tickets to get an early taste of The Flame of Xulta!  After the patch goes live, Eternal Draft Packs will be updated to include 81 common and uncommon cards from the new set!

The draft format will remain Dark Frontier – Draft Pack – Draft Pack – Dark Frontier.

Cards from The Flame of Xulta will not be craftable until the set releases, but you keep all cards you draft, and can add the new Set 7 cards to your decks and play with them in Ranked and Expedition right away!

We will, however, be rescheduling The Flame of Xulta Preview Event. We expect it to begin at the end of next week.

Downtime Tomorrow

To make all of these changes, Eternal’s servers will be coming down at 7:30 am MDT (1:30 pm UTC) tomorrow, Thursday, 9/26. The downtime is expected to last between three to four hours.


While you wait, keep up with all the spoilers from the new set with the searchable spoiler gallery for The Flame of Xulta!