The Flame of Xulta: Emblems

The Flame of Xulta: Emblems

The Ancestors and their teachings are vital to the Xultan people and their way of life. The emblems of the Ancestors are used to signify their power, and can, in times of desperation, be used to call for aid.

Emblems are new Power cards that can be a bit painful, but with serious upside for the truly dedicated. When you play Emblem of Kodosh, you will get +1 Maximum Power, a Justice influence, and take 1 damage. Then, if you now have three or more Justice influence, you get the choice to decimate and draw a unit.

If you choose to decimate with Emblem of Kodosh, you’ll draw a Wind Elemental, a 2-cost 2/1 with Flying. You will still get +1 power for the turn, but because you decimated you will lose the maximum power you just gained. If you choose not to decimate, you keep the maximum power but you will not draw that Wind Elemental.

The other four Ancestors, Shavka, Grodov, Makkar, and Linrei each have their own Emblem. Let’s take a look at them and their units:

Emblems are a great way to ensure your deck consistently has units to play. Though, once you start decimating, you’ll want an ally who can help ease your burden…

When this Paladin Gryffyn duo swoops in, look out! As a 6/6 Flying Endurance, Soulflame Rider provides a huge swing on both offense and defense. And that reward for decimating means you could eventually get this team into play for no power at all!

Pick an Emblem and pledge yourself to your Ancestor of choice, because The Flame of Xulta is coming soon!