Dune: Imperium - Immortality Box Hooded Figures

As the Great Houses wage war, the Bene Tleilax advance their own agenda by trading in genetic innovations. Will you hire Face Dancer spies of unmatched skill? Regrow damaged tissue and organs? Or dare to employ people restored to life as gholas

Immortality expands Dune: Imperium in new directions. Make shadowy deals with the Tleilaxu to harvest genetic specimens. Unlock the potential of scientific research. Graft cards together to empower your Agents.

Explore a universe of possibilities with Dune: Imperium Immortality.

Pre-Orders Available Now Until November 1!

Immortality is the second expansion for the award-winning worker-placement-meets-deck-building board game Dune: Imperium. With an emphasis on experimental new deck-building strategies, Immortality offers players expanded options for how they’ll approach their rise to power.

Forge a legacy that will live forever! Pre-order Dune: Imperium – Immortality now!

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