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Lead your dynasty to victory in the Warring States period of ancient China in the new digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game from Tigris & Euphrates designer Reiner Knizia. Available now on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play!

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Conflict is inevitable as your influence expands. Wage war upon neighboring states to slow their growth, and build spectacular pagodas to increase your own prestige. How will your reign be remembered?

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Expand your civilization by placing tiles that represent the five facets of a thriving kingdom:

  • Governors - Keep the peace and quell revolts with a strong civic leadership!
  • Soldiers - Defend your growing empire -- or wage war upon your neighbors!
  • Farmers - Cultivate the banks of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers!
  • Traders - Acquire the resources your people need to prosper!
  • Artisans - Shape the culture of your dynasty and inspire your citizens!

Your legacy will be judged by your weakest category, so a wise leader must maintain harmony to achieve victory!

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