Defiance: Amplify!

Defiance: Amplify!

In Eternal’s newest set Defiance, new alliances are forming and you must choose where you’ll align yourself. Jennevthe alliance of Fire-Time-Primalis only for the most skilled. A technique they have learned represents limitless possibility. It’s time to learn the ways of Amplify.

Amplify allows you to increase the effect of your spells as many times as you want as long as you have the power. Here, if you only have three power Awaken the Ages does a great Secret Pages impression, but once you hit six power, you can pay for the Amplify as well getting an extra sigil. It doesn’t stop there – for each three power you have you can Amplify it another time.

So now that our Awaken the Ages has given us a crazy amount of power, where next do we go to hone our Amplify skills?

Amplify appears on units and weapons as well. When you play this fierce and fiery cat, you get a chance to bring along any number of charging cubs for each two power you have left over.

Amplify cards like the Lioness give you flexibility with planning on out your game and using your extra power. It’s great having another 2-drop unit to play to start hitting early, but if your opponent Harsh Rules your board away, the Lioness and her pack of cats will give you a big counterpunch off just one card.

If you want to play a long-game and fuel up a giant Relic Weapon, the Phoenix Hammer hits and never stops hitting. All the extra Armor you gain will stick to it and so will any strength buffs from the Amplify. Each time it comes back, it will be more devastating for your enemies than the last.

Now that we’re starting to get a feel for Amplifying things, let’s meet one of the true masters.

Darya fills her allies with a rage that cannot be contained. A seemingly innocuous set of units can become lethal vicious warriors in a moment. Who is worthy though? Overwhelming Dinosaurs? Quick-hitting gunslingers?  She needs you to recruit a squad ready to fight when she arrives to herald the giant attack.

When all else fails, this alliance can dig deep though with the ultimate trick up its sleeve… DRAGONS!

Calling a Dragon to your side is a mighty feat, but with Clutch of Talons you can literally fill your entire board with Dragons. Here we see the critical deckbuilding puzzle of Amplify. Is this a flying weapon that will bring along a Dragon when the game goes long? Or is this the final payoff for stalling out your opponent while you accumulate the power necessary to summon your Dragon horde? Only time will tell.

There are more Amplify cards to discover with Defiance releasing soon. Will you fall in with the alliance of Jennev? Are you ready to amplify your skills and unleash your true potential? Time is running short, pick a side before it’s too late.