Eternal: The Dusk Road

Eternal: The Dusk Road

Eternal: The Dusk Road

The sun begins to set on Myria as the Eternal Throne stands empty.

The Shadowlands seep inward, twisting their surroundings and consuming memories of those who don’t know the world has changed around them. It is a faded place, and none now living recall its hidden pathways or where they lead. And the Shadow’s spread shows no signs of stopping.

After countless miles of hunting, Vara seeks a reckoning with Azindel, whose “gift” stole her memories and trapped her inside her mind. His taunting voice echoes through her dreams of the Shadowlands: “Find me, child. You have much yet to learn.” Vara enters those lands in pursuit of her tormentor, and disappears.

Meanwhile, far from the Shadowlands, control of Argenport has fallen to the Cabal – the syndicate has turned on Rolant, removing him from power and imprisoning him within his own dungeons. Corruption is rampant in the city, and the citizens suffer.

Safe in the distant north, Eilyn has regained her place among the Clans. The serpent riders gather at her call and prepare to fly south – but are they coming to Rolant’s aid, or do they ride once again as conquerors?

At the Praxis Arcanum, Talir attempts to harness the ancient Waystones to keep the spreading darkness of the Shadowlands at bay. The power of the Stones is tremendous, and the Arch-Magister grapples with forces beyond her control.

Kaleb continues his search for the identity of his mother, exploring an arcane tower submerged beneath a glacial lake. Within, he finds the answer to the riddle once posed to him by Marisen: ”The acorn seeks a second tree…”  He finds that he is not alone.

The Dusk Road brings nearly 300 new cards to Eternal and countless possibilities to discover. Here’s a taste of the three new mechanics in the set – details and card spoilers will be revealed in the coming days and weeks:

  • Nightfall – With great risk comes great reward, and the darkness offers secrets to those bold enough to seek them out.
  • Ally – It’s dangerous to go alone – bring a friend to watch your back!
  • Bond –Enlist the help of powerful units to finish the fight.

The Dusk Road is coming soon! In the meantime, to satisfy your curioxity, here’s the first spoiler from Eternal: The Dusk Road:

You can see all of the previously spoiled cards from The Dusk Road here!

Get Your Founder Package Before They’re Gone!

When The Dusk Road releases, we’ll be removing some content from the in-game store. These items were always intended to be limited-time offerings, and their limited-time has come. The Eternal Throne totem will remain available for 900 gems, but we’ll be saying goodbye to:

  • The Liberator Package
  • The Bounty Hunter Package
  • The Eternal Throne Package
  • Molot & Nakova Premium Avatar
  • The Pale Riders Premium Avatars

If you haven’t picked up a Founder Package yet, or you’ve had your eye on a sweet premium avatar, make sure to pick them up before they leave the store when The Dusk Road hits!