Founders & Veterans Packages

Founders & Veterans Packages

[UPDATE 12/12/2018:] The Veterans Package now includes an additional 1,000 gems, and Veteran card back dates have changed!

We’ve had a lot of requests from folks in the past year to get their hands on the contents of the original Founders Package, so it’s back! …And, this time, it brought back-up!

The Founders Package and Veterans Package are your chance to get a whole bunch of sweet exclusive bling at a great price, along with more gems than you can shake a changeestik at.  These are limited-time offers that won’t be around forever, so be sure to get yours while you can!

Founders Package – $49.99

The Founders Package was briefly available during Early Access, and now it’s back! In addition to a great value on gems, the Founders Package is your only place to get exclusive cosmetics like Premium Sigils, the Eternal Throne Totem, and the Jekk and Icaria premium avatars! Here’s what it contains:

  • 6,000 gems
  • Premium Sigils
  • Eternal Throne Totem
  • Jekk & Icaria premium avatars

…and, as a thank you for supporting the dev team, when  you purchase a Founders Package directly from the DWD Store you’ll receive an additional:

  • 500 gems
  • 2 Draft tickets

Veterans Package – $24.99

The Veterans Package contains the exclusive Veteran premium card back! The Veteran premium card back comes in five different ranks that celebrate when you first started playing Eternal:

Here’s what the package includes:

  •  3,000 gems (Increased from 2,000!)
  • Veteran Premium Card Back
  • 2 Draft Tickets

When you purchase your Veterans Package directly from the DWD Store, you’ll also receive:

  • All base Faction Totems
  • 1 Draft ticket

Whether you’re looking to round out your collection, show off how long you’ve been part of Eternal, or just pick up a bunch of gems at a great price, the Founders Package and Veterans Package won’t be around forever, so get yours before they’re gone!