Icibrrrgl PARTEE! Event

Icibrrrgl PARTEE! Event

It’s a new year in Eternal, and it’s time for a new event! This weekend, Wump is kicking things off as only he can:

During The Icibrrrgl PARTEE! Event, both players start the game with +2 Maximum Power!

  • In addition to normal leaderboard prizing, every participant will receive one premium Wump, Party Starter.
  • The Icibrrrgl PARTEE! Event costs 2,000 gold or 200 gems to enter.
  • Each run will consist of 7 wins or 3 losses with a single constructed deck.
  • Your first 3 runs will determine your position on the event leaderboard.

The PARTEE starts on Friday and will run through the weekend.

…and speaking of parties, the DWD team will be at PAX South this weekend. If you’re in San Antonio, come say hi at booth 11054 and maybe pick up some free Chests!