New Event: Carnival of Madness!

New Event: Carnival of Madness!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed — our next act is about to begin! Two combatants in a duel to the death for your discerning entertainment!

Our victi — er, “volunteers” are ready, so let’s get to it! But first: why don’t we make things a bit more interesting…

The Carnival of Madness is here! During the Carnival of Madness event, each game will have a different rule taken from random Gauntlet Bosses, played on a special Halloween playmat!


  • At the start of each game, a random Boss Rule goes into effect.
  • The Carnival of Madness event costs 2,000 gold or 200 gems to enter.
  • Each run and your overall position on the Leaderboard will award prizes.
  • Each run consists of 7 wins or 3 losses with a single constructed deck.
  • Your first 5 runs will determine your position on the event leaderboard.

The Carnival of Madness event begins on Friday, October 26 and lasts through Friday, November 2.

During the Carnival of Madness event, the Pale Rider premium avatars will return to the store for a limited time!

The Pestilence, Death, Famine and War premium avatars will be available for 300 gems each, or claim all four for 900 gems!

Get yours before the clock strikes midnight!

What will it be? Extra power? Extra cards? Powerful weapons? Cunning allies?

Be ready for anything when the Carnival of Madness begins!