New Inspirations

New Inspirations

As the walls of Argenport crumble and order turns to chaos, a select few step forward to lead.

Units with Inspire grant a bonus to other units you draw. Journey Guide sets the course, and reduces the cost of those who are brave enough to follow by 1. Inspire can give your units that extra stat or skill they need to beat their uninspired counterparts.

Drawing cards is a great way to find more units to Inspire. Dusk Raider prefers the dead of night to do her pillaging, and Nightfall’s extra draw can help you recruit more able-bodied warriors. Keep an eye out for cards that create and draw you extra units. With a few different Inspire units on the field, even a newly manufactured Grenadin can be a threat.

Inspire your units to be the best version of themselves. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

-Annie Sardelis