Scion Premium Card Back

Scion Premium Card Back

Today we’re introducing a new tier to the Veteran Card Back, available in-game and from the DWD Store!

Check out the new Scion tier!

The different versions of the Veteran premium card backs celebrate when you first began playing Eternal. The Scion tier is only available to players who go all the way back to Closed Beta, before Eternal entered Early Access on Steam on 11/18/2016!

If you have previously purchased the Veteran’s Package and began playing Eternal prior to 11/18/2016, your Master tier Veteran card back will be upgraded to the new Scion tier in an update later today. No other Veteran card backs are affected.

When we expanded the date range of the Master tier card back last week, we did it to be more inclusive – both of the longtime players who have been with us since the early days of Open Beta, and the newer players who’ve joined the community in recent months. It was well-intentioned, but some players felt we broke an implicit promise of exclusivity regarding the exclusivity of the Closed Beta card back.

Sorry about that. We heard your feedback, and the the introduction of the Scion tier will be the final change to the contents of the Veteran’s Package.

Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you in the game!

– The DWD Team