Sellswords Event

Sellswords Event

Choose your faction!

Only one Scion can claim the Eternal Throne. Pledge your loyalty and join the battle! Enter the Sellswords Event with a single-faction deck, and fight it out this weekend on the Leaderboard!

For this event, all decks must contain cards from only one faction – as usual, cards with no influence requirements can go in any deck.

  • The event costs 1,000 gold or 100 gems to enter, and each run will continue until you achieve 5 wins or 2 losses with a single deck – no switching!
  • Your first 5 runs will determine your position in the Event Leaderboard.

In addition, the top-performing players in each faction will receive a special bonus! Whoever comes away with the best record across their first 15 games with a single faction will receive a premium copy of their faction’s Scion!

The Sellswords Event will kick-off on Saturday and run through Tuesday.