Tools for the Job: Spellcraft

Tools for the Job: Spellcraft

On Myria, dangerous enemies lurk around every corner and you better have the right weapon for the job. Now, it’s time to upgrade your arsenal…

If you have the power to handle it, weapons with Spellcraft allow you to materialize iconic Eternal spells out of thin air. When you play the Welding Torch, you have the option to spend 3 power to create and play a copy of Torch. To get your Welding Torch to maximum heat, you’ll need 7 power, 4 to play the weapon on a unit, and 3 more for the Spellcraft, all of which gets paid at once.

All the control’s in your hands with these weapons. If waiting for the power to Spellcraft doesn’t fit your gameplan, you can always play your weapon without it and start bashing. Have 3 power but got something else to use it on? Spellcraft is always optional even if you have the power.

That said, these are some of the most powerful weapons in all of Myria, so I think you’ll be wanting to unleash their full might…

A permanent boost in stats. Permanent lifesteal. Permanent overwhelm. These Spellcraft weapons may be magical, but these things are also bona fide fighting tools!

(And you’re telling me I get the chance to create and play a cheaper Stand Together, that buffs and protects your whole team? I really hope I hit my 6th power for that one.)

The world of Myria grows fearsome and more deadly by the day so get ready. No matter which faction you are, there are Spellcraft weapons for you. Don’t be the one bringing yesterday’s knives to this gun fight.

– Andrew Baeckstrom