Waystones on the Dusk Road

Waystones on the Dusk Road

The Shadowlands are a dangerous place where magic goes wrong and unwary wanderers are never seen again. But those few bold travelers who still know how to read the ancient signs can find a small measure of safety in the Waystones and the strange road they mark:

Waystones are Power cards that come with a bit of an extra kick…if you have enough influence of the appropriate faction, that is. Each Waystone has an additional benefit if you have four influence of its faction (including the one you just gained) at the time you play it.

Here they are:

Play Power, get rewarded! What’s not to like?

Waystones aren’t all upside, though: they aren’t Sigils, so cards like Seek Power and the scion’s Favors can’t grab them out of your deck. And all of your Seats will still be depleted with a hand full of Waystones, so there’s some care required in deciding which ones and how many you’ll want to play.

What you really need, then, is something that cares about Power cards in general, not just Sigils. Something like, maybe, this:

When this big bruiser gets rolling, it’ll be grabbing all kinds of Power cards from your deck: Sigils, Banners, Crests, Waystones – it’s all the same to Worldbearer Behemoth.

So pack smart, follow the signposts, and keep your wits about you as you get ready to walk The Dusk Road!