Wolf Bounties

Wolf Bounties

We spend a lot of time and effort working to improve your experience in Eternal. Today, in preparation for some upcoming events, we’re making a couple of changes to how we experience Eternal that you should know about.

From now on, from time to time, you might run into a DWD employee in a Draft, in an event, or at the bottom of Bronze II (*cough*Scarlatch*cough*). And, when you do, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive new Wolfpack card back:

When you see that, it means that you’re playing against one of the folks who work on the game, and you should obviously crush us.

Because, if (when?) you do, you’ll earn for yourself the sweet new Wolfsbane card back!

The only way to grab Wolfsbane is to beat us at our own game. When you do you’ll also take home a small gold bounty to commemorate the achievement!

Along with this change, participating Dire Wolf staff will no longer occupy slots on leaderboards; you’ll still see us turn up in events, Ranked, and Draft, but in the off-chance that one of us does well, it will no longer bump other players.  (In the past, we’ve manually adjusted event prizing to make sure that everybody got their stuff; this change will automate that process.)

So keep an eye out for the Wolfpack, and your chance to win yourself a new Wolfsbane card back!

The hunt is on!

– The Dire Wolf Digital Team