Gameplay Rules

What’s an attachment?

An attachment is any card that attaches to a unit or player, including Weapons, Curses and Relics.

Ruin says “Kill an enemy attachment.” So it can kill a curse on one of your units, a weapon on an enemy unit, or one of the enemy player’s relics.

My unit got returned to my hand and still has a bonus/penalty. Is it supposed to work this way?

It is! Card modifications persist between zones in Eternal.

This means that if you Warcry a unit up and it dies, it will still have those bonuses if you get it back from the Void. On the flip side, if you need to deal with a unit permanently, Silence, transformation, and permanent shrink effects are a great way to do so!

My card didn’t work. What happened?

There are a few common abilities that can prevents card effects:

  • Aegis protects a unit from one enemy effect.
  • Endurance prevents Stun and Exhaust effects entirely.
  • Invulnerable to damage prevents damage spells from being played on the unit/player.

How does Aegis work?

An Aegis protects a unit or player from one enemy effect.

This has a couple subtleties that can surprise new players:

  • Aegis only protects you from enemy effects, so it won’t save a unit from your own Lightning Storm or Harsh Rule.
  • Aegis does not protect from combat damage, so the unit can still be killed by blocking, Relic Weapons, etc.
  • Aegis only protects from the negative effects, it doesn’t negate the card entirely. For example, Dispel (Silence a unit and draw a card) will still draw a card, even though Aegis prevents the Silence effect.

How does Killer work?

A unit with Killer can make one special direct attack against another unit:

  • This is a special attack, so it can be used the turn the unit is played.
  • The units are considered to be “attacking” and “blocking,” so any relevant abilities will trigger.
  • Killer is considered battle, so it is not prevented by Aegis.

How long does Stun last?

A stunned unit is exhausted and does not ready on its owner’s next turn – meaning you can get more mileage out of a stun if you use a Fast Spell on your opponent’s turn.

There is a visual indicator showing how long it will last, beginning with 2 runes, going to 1 rune, then becoming un-stunned. At the beginning of the stunned unit’s owner’s turn, a rune wears off.

If a unit becomes un-stunned for any reason, it skips being exhausted and becomes ready immediately.

What happens when my deck runs out of cards?

You lose the game at the end of the turn in which you run out of cards.

How does the redraw system work?

Your first hand can have any distribution of cards in your deck. If you chose to redraw, you discard your entire hand and draw a new one. If you choose to redraw your starting hand, your new hand will contain two, three, or four power cards, with an equal chance of each. (And since this question comes up a lot, from a technical perspective, the system will shuffle and draw new hands until it gets a valid hand.)

How does a card like Permafrost work?

Permafrost is a Curse, which is an attachment that works similar to weapons, in that it attaches to a unit. It can be removed with a card that destroys an enemy attachment, such as Ruin. Giving the stunned unit Endurance, by using a card like Stalwart Shield, will also remove Permafrost, because units with Endurance cannot be stunned.

What happens if I have a relic and then play another relic?

If the relic is a weapon, then it replaces a previous relic weapon that you had equipped.

If the relic is not a weapon, then it has no effect on previously played relics. You may equip multiple relics, like Eye of Winter, to your avatar at the same time. It does not matter if the relics are the same or different.

Gameplay Modes

Is it possible to skip the tutorial?

Every account must play through the first four Fire missions. Afterwards, the rest of the campaign does not have to be completed. However, completing the campaign is the only way to unlock the Gauntlet mode.

How many quests can I have at one time?

You may have up to three quests in your pool at one time. Each day you may dismiss one quest and get a new one (chosen at random). You may also have a fourth quest during special promotion periods.

Is there a “practice” mode?

Gauntlet mode allows you to play against the AI for free. It’s a great way to practice new decks and also earn rewards!

Why are Gauntlet and Forge getting more difficult for me?

The difficulty of Gauntlet and Forge increases when you win games in those modes and decreases when you lose games in those modes. So the better you do, the harder the mode will become. However, the difficulty of these modes is intended to partially reset with each major new set release.

Does the AI cheat?

The AI plays by the same rules as any human player. It does not manipulate its card draw or yours in response to how well you’re doing. The AI may make better decisions for itself, and will play with better decks as the difficulty of Gauntlet and Forge increase, however.


Will I be able to get full Shiftstone value for destroying a card if that card is changed?

When a card is downgraded (nerfed), any versions of the card that you crafted prior to the introduction of the change will be able to be destroyed for full value for a limited time. This does not apply to a copy of the card that you found in a pack or earned by other means.

I can’t see any Sigil cards in deckbuilder. How do I change the Sigils in my deck?

By default, the deckbuilder handles Power cards automatically.
For advanced players who want to customize their Power, go into the settings menu and enable “Advanced Deckbuilding.”

Are there guarantees of legendary cards?

All individual packs have a chance of containing a legendary, but there are no guaranteed legendary drops from individual acquired or purchased packs. However, buying a box of 32 packs guarantees that you will earn at least 3 legendaries when opening the contents of that box.

Technical Concerns

Who should I contact if I need technical support or assistance with the game?

Please email our support team at

On what platforms can I play Eternal?

Eternal is available for PC and Mac via Steam and is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Can I play Eternal across multiple devices?

Yes! All you need to do is set up a DWD account to sync your game progress across platforms. On your primary device, select the gear icon on the main menu and select the DWD Account option. From this screen you can enter the details for your new DWD Account. Simply use these login credentials on your other devices to access your progress!

 Can I change my username?

Send an email to with your desired new username. You should receive a response in about a week.

Is Steam required to play Eternal?

Steam is currently required for MacOSX and PC.

To play Eternal on PC or Mac, you must now log into Steam and download and launch the game from there.

Head here to the following link (or search for “Eternal Card Game” in the Steam store) to grab it and install:

I’m unable to connect to the server: what do I do?

First things first, check your internet connection.

Additionally, Eternal uses the following ports:

  • 39389 (TCP)
  • 8181 (TCP)
  • 27100 (HTTPS)
  • 27300 (HTTPS)

Otherwise, possible work-arounds involve restarting your computer, restarting Steam, and reinstalling Steam.

What should I do if my game crashes?

Immediately after a crash, you should search for your output_log.txt and send it to The locations are as follows:

Windows error log location:

LAUNCHER ISSUES: username\AppData\Roaming\EternalLauncher\Eternal Launcher Data\output_log.txt (ex C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Eternal Launcher\Eternal Launcher_Data)

CLIENT ISSUES: username\AppData\Roaming\EternalLauncher\Eternal Launcher Data\Games\Eternal\Eternal Data\output_log.txt

Mac error log location: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

What should I do if I have issues with FPS, visuals, or how the text appears?

You should first see if your video drivers have an available update. They be slightly out of date, and this may be causing problems with your display. Try updating them and playing again to see if it resolves the issue.
Some display issues have also been caused by third-party audio applications. The most common of these is “Nahimic” on MSI machines, but there are others that can make it happen as well. Check to see if there are any non-essential audio programs running, end those processes, then run Eternal afterwards.
Additionally, if you are using an nVIDIA video card, disable nVIDIA G-Sync.
Also note that Mac users must be on Mac OS X 10.8+. So if your card text is not displaying and you are playing on Mac OS X 10.7, you will need to upgrade.

How do I uninstall Eternal?

You can uninstall through Steam by clicking the game and then selecting “Delete Local Content…”.
If you need to manually, you can delete the files here:

  • PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eternal Card Game
  • OSX: Users/user/Library/Application Support/Steam/Eternal Card Game

My data directory is corrupted. How do I delete it?

You can find the data directory here:

  • PC: C:\Users\AppData\LocalLow\Dire Wolf Digital\Eternal Card Game

When I start Eternal the game is minimized to the taskbar and all I hear is the game audio but can’t see the game. What do I do?

On your graphics panel (nVidia, Radeon or Intel Integrated) set the Scaling option to “Maintain/Preserve aspect ratio”, or “No Scaling”.

Eternal crashes immediately when launching the game from my PC. What can I do?

In Steam, right click on “Eternal Card Game,” click on Properties and then Set Launch Options and enter: -force-d3d9

Eternal is running poorly on my Android device. Is there anything that I can do?

Depending on your Android device, you can adjust the fidelity level of the game graphics. To do so, click the gear icon on the main menu, select settings, and select the level quality level for the graphics in the drop down menu. Be advised that not all devices support the ability to adjust graphics settings.

I logged in to Eternal and all my progress seems to have disappeared. How can I get help?

You can send an email to and our support team will be glad to assist you in recovering your account progress.

Waystone Twitch Extension

How do I set up the Extension and my Game to work together?

  1. In game, go to Settings -> Streaming -> Link With Twitch and follow any additional instructions there. This will authenticate your Eternal account with your Twitch account.
  2. Restart your game.
  3. In game, go to Settings -> Streaming, and configure your desired streaming settings.
  4. In Twitch, navigate to Dashboard -> Extensions, and search for “Waystone Overlay” Or, you can follow this link
  5. Install Waystone Overlay for Eternal Card Game.
  6. Activate the extension.
  7. Stream to your heart’s content!

Why isn’t my extension working?

Be sure you have your Eternal account linked with Twitch, streaming enabled in the game settings, and the extension installed and enabled in your twitch channel. Please see the Setup instructions for more details.

How do I disable the extension?

In game, navigate to Settings -> Streaming, and uncheck the “Enable Streaming” box. You can also deactivate or uninstall the extension through the Extensions page of your twitch dashboard.

I would like to stream on a delay for a tournament, but keep the extension active for my viewers. How do I set this up?

In game, navigate to Settings -> Streaming, and locate the Stream Delay box. Set this value to the number of seconds you would like to delay your stream. This value should match the delay in your streaming software for best results. It can range from 0 (default) to 3600 seconds (1 hour).

Why is my overlay out of sync with my stream’s video?

Check your game’s streaming settings in Settings -> Streaming. There is an option to configure a delay in the extension. This delay is measured in seconds, and should match any delay set up in your streaming software, (such as OBS), for best results. This will allow streaming on a long delay, if you are streaming a tournament or event, for example.

What do the different deck modes do?

  1. “Disabled” turns off the deck list display in the extension. You can use this mode if you don’t like people seeing your decklist, or want to keep your deck a secret for a little while.
  2. “Draw” mode will only populate the extension’s decklist with cards you have seen this match, such as via draw effects and the Scout ability. Viewers will not be able to export your deck using the extension when in “Draw” mode.
  3. “Static” mode shows your deck as it would display in-game when you are on the deck builder screen. It does not change over the course of the game. In this mode, people can export your deck directly from the extension if they choose.

Why does my deck sometimes show up in “Draw” mode, even though I have “Static” mode selected?

Sometimes, such as if you are reconnecting to a game, or if you are playing a campaign game with a provided deck, we won’t have your full decklist. In these cases, we revert to displaying your deck in “Draw” mode. When you play another game, such as a Ranked game, your deck should display in “Static” mode again.

I linked my Eternal account with the wrong Twitch account by accident, how can I fix this?

Please contact customer support ( We should be able to resolve this issue.

I keep changing my streaming settings but the settings aren’t changing.

Ensure you are closing the settings menu using the “Accept” button to save your changes. Closing the settings menu in any other way will cancel your changes.