Redraw Rule Change

Redraw Rule Change

With the Feastcalling test tournament tomorrow, we’re going to be testing a change to Eternal‘s redraw rules at the start of a game. If all goes smoothly with the test, we’re anticipating introducing this change to Ranked and Draft play in the next week or so.

Here’s what you need to know:

Starting hand and redraw hand distributions are unchanged; however, the redraw rule is being modified to include a second option for players that chose to redraw. This “desperate gambit” redraw is a measure of last resort that allows the player to shuffle their redrawn hand back into their deck and draw a final hand of six cards (still containing a one-third chance of two power, a one-third chance of three power, and a one-third chance of four power).

Beginning the game down a card is a serious risk and one we do not expect players to usually take; however, after careful consideration of feedback, exploration, and testing, we’re ready to roll out this additional option designed to increase player agency and satisfying starts to games. This is a meaningful change and we will, of course, be closely monitoring player behavior.

We appreciate all of the feedback, ideas, perspectives, and experiences players have shared with us over the past couple years and hope you’ll enjoy this new option.

– The DWD Team