Display of Vision

12/5/2018 Longhorn tax collectors will go to great lengths to claim all debts owed to the Auric Bank.

Cat Burglar

11/28/2018 She enjoys acquiring unusual relics, especially if they're owned by someone else.

Jotun Feast-Caller

11/21/2018 The annual winter feasts of the giant Jotun were anxiously anticipated by all the Yeti.


11/14/2018 True strength is defiance in the face of overwhelming odds.

Lida's Apprentice

11/7/2018 The techniques and skills of the Unseen are passed down from master to student as directed by the heralds of the Great Owls.

Mazag, the Waking Terror

10/31/2018 When Mazag awakens, it takes a life as payment. Then, flying across the Shadowlands, the terror looks for a new soul to steal.

The Witching Hour

10/24/2018 When the hour strikes on All Hallow's Eve, four Pale Riders are summoned to bring death and destruction upon us all.

Caiphus and Vara

10/17/2018 'And now you have found me. There is a great wrong for us to right, and much to do to repair Azindel's treacheries.' --Caiphus to Vara


10/10/2018 'Like the Dawn, these Radiants arise again and again, given time.' --Excerpt from the journals of Caiphus, Wandering King

Enemy of My Enemy

10/3/2018 For Kaleb and Eilyn, setting aside a lifetime of differences for the good of their people was a noble, but sometimes frustrating experience.


9/26/2018 Who would think that a suitable substitute for a cute little owlet would be a dinosaur? It was probably Alessi. She loves casting all sorts of strange spells.

Vara, Vengeance Seeker

9/19/2018 Join Vara on her quest for vengeance in the new campaign, Into Shadow. Create your own destiny with these wallpapers and social media images.

Unbreakable Alliance

7/13/2018 With both Crownwatch and Clans under her control, Eilyn’s hold on the Throne was unbreakable.

Lieutenant Relia

6/20/2018 While others fled the fall of Argenport, Lieutenant Relia charged toward the battle. She had something that precious few of the Crownwatch still possessed: faith in the city, and what it once stood for.

Rusty Grenamotive

6/12/2018 Grenadin have been acting strangely lately, some have been getting smarter... and some have gone Berserk!

Ixtun Merchant

6/7/2018 Step right in, what do you have to trade? Make a deal with the Ixtun Merchant and come out on top with these wallpapers and social media images.

Oni Dragonsmith

5/30/2018 The oni are renowned bladeworkers, couple the skill of an oni with the heat of a dragon and you have a formidable dragonsmith. Stoke the flame of conquest with these wallpaper and social icons.

The Eternal Throne

5/25/2018 Claim the the Eternal Throne for yourself with these wallpapers and cover images!

Svetya, Orene of Kosul

5/16/2018 She fled her homeland, swearing to return. Journey with Svetya and the people of Kosul as they seek aid in Argenport with these wallpapers and social images!

Kaleb Reborn

5/10/2018 “I am my father, and my father’s son. And the Throne that was his shall be mine.” Kaleb found answers and was reborn in purpose after his adventures in the Sunken Tower.

Sunken Tower

5/2/2018 Kaleb found his father’s tower hidden beneath icy waters in the distant North.

Daraka, Queensguard

4/25/2018 Eilyn defeated her brother to regain her place among the Clans, but they remain a proud, wild people. To maintain control of her newly-won horde, Eilyn relies on the loyalties of mighty captains like Daraka.

Brenn, Chronicler of Ages

4/19/2018 A young man reads the ripples and shadows and records all that he sees within. The rise of armies, the fall of kingdoms, an Empty Throne and the ambitions of those who would claim it.


Soaring Guard

4/11/2018 The Battle at the Gates rages all weekend, but you can start the fight now with a Soaring Guard wallpaper for your mobile or desktop background!


Barbarian Camp

4/4/2018 See the beginnings of and the the Siege of Argenport in Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates.


Anointer of the Faithful

3/29/2018 The high walls of Argenport are defended by the valkyrie in the skies above and the Crownwatch in the streets below. And all are bound by the oaths they swore before the Anointer of the Faithful.


Dizo, Cabal Chairman

3/31/2018 He’s the puppet-master behind the Cabal’s darkest schemes, but this week he’s yours for the taking!


Sower of Dissent

3/15/2018 The Rebellion suffered a devastating loss at the Battle of Argenport, but the seeds of hope remain. Far from the capital, others take up the cause with a vow that they will never surrender.


Icaria, Valkyrie Captain

3/8/2018 Icaria, Captain of the Valkyrie, swore an oath on the day she took up her wings: to defend the Eternal Throne against any threat, no matter the cost.