Founders & Veterans Packages Now Available!

Founders & Veterans Packages Now Available!

Founders Packages and Veterans Packages are now available in-game and from the DWD Store!

Since our initial announcement two weeks ago, we received a ton of valuable feedback that led us to make two important changes to Founders Packages and Veterans Packages:

1.) The Direct Purchase option is now be available to all territories via PayPal, directly from the DWD Store on the Eternal website.

  • You must log in to your validated Eternal account to access the DWD Store.
  • As a thank you for supporting the dev team, direct purchase via the DWD Store includes free bonus content on purchases of $19.99 and above.
  • Founders Packages and Veterans Packages are also available for purchase via in-game stores, but the only way to get the free bonus content is via direct purchase from the DWD Store.

2.) The Veterans Package now contains an additional 1,000 gems!

We want to make sure that both packages are packed with value, and available to as many players as possible. Your feedback on these offers helps us strike a balance between keeping Eternal as generous as we possibly can, while also keeping the lights on. So thanks for your help!

Finally, we know we would sell more gems by releasing all of this a week or so after Defiance. But that’s not really the kind of thing we like to do. We had always planned on making the Founders and Veterans Packages available before the release of Defiance and – even though plans change – that part still feels important. So:

Defiance will release this Thursday, December 13 following a downtime beginning at 7 am MST (14:00 UTC).

Our hope is that this will give players enough time to make informed decisions about the Founders Package and Veterans Package (and us enough time to address any unforeseen issues) that could arise.

All this talk about stores has us in a commercial frame of mind, and spoiling for a bargain. If you’re in the market for a great deal, head on down to one of the new Sites coming in Defiance:

There are many fine wares available at the Trading Post, and when you’re done haggling Torgov himself will arrive to get even more value out of all of those power cards you’ve conveniently discarded.

There’s more to come when Defiance releases on Thur –


Hmm? What’s that? You thought that we were going to reveal a whole new cycle of Merchants, new ways to use your Market, along with Cargo and Contraband?

That’s not til tomorrow. For now, go get a Founders Package or Veterans Package, and we’ll see you on Thursday for Defiance!